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Yeah, yeah, I know, I haven't updated in like a year. Sorry everyone, but I have been so busy I haven't had a chance. I do have a lot of good news for you though. First off, I released my montage a few days ago but haven't had time to upload it. I couldn't render for the longest time, but I sent the link to Toby and he rendered it for me (Many thanks man). Unfortunately, I forgot to tell him to pan/crop the whole video, so now we have those same old familiar black bars on the edges of the video. Oh well. And it is NOT 12 minutes of lockout ffa. You can download it here. I wanted to experiment with a lot of 3D effects, so if anything, my montage is an experiment. Let me know how you feel about it. Also, as most of you know, Halo 3 has just been released. Of course I got it the first day it came out! My father got it for me though, I didn't even ask him to. He's such a nice person. But Halo 3 is an amazing game. Send me a friend request if you want to play some Halo 3, I will gladly accept!


Halo 3

    It has been a while. I was on the beta, as most of you know. I was on for about a week or two, and then stopped playing. I have created a trailer which I have been working on in the past few days. It wasn't really that much of a project though, not as much as my halo 3 montage will be. I am going to use my editing to the fullest with After Effects, Vegas, and Photoshop to bring you a very exciting montage. But for now, you guys are stuck with a trailer. As you may know from the H4L homepage, I have been experimenting with After Effects, and with a little help from a few tutorials, I now completely understand 3D work and I have been working on many projects lately. So you can expect most of my work to be with 3D. Now, onto another topic. Some people thought I quit halo, and after halo 3 was over, I got back on halo 2 again just for some fun. I was playing for a while, and it seems that I improved lots. There have been some requests for another halo 2 montage, and, after thinking about it, and getting a lot of impressive footage, I am going to make another halo 2 montage. Now, some of you might say "its probably going to be another 10 minutes of Lockout FFA". Well that really isn't true. I've looked at the feedback of my last montage and I have severely altered the way I play halo 2. So you can expect a much more exciting and unique montage. Also, if anyone needs any help with editing, try emailing me. Maybe if I get enough requests, I will start releasing tutorials.


    Ok, so I admit it, I lied. I haven't updated in a while actually, almost a month. And honestly, I probably could've made a montage with the same quality editing about a month ago, but I've just been lazy and busy. I know its been HIGHLY anticipated (lol), but here it is. Just email or message me if you like it.

^shorter montage on youtube with a killtac I forgot I had added in.


    As you can see, I know longer have the old H4L template, nor do I have the temporarily destroyed template. I have a
NEW template, thanks to Dez (rape). As some of you may have heard, I had a montage deadline that was this weekend, and I was actually going to quit today. But seeing as how I haven't been on that much the past week, fuck it. It might come out in a week, it might come out it two. Just keep checking back here, I'm sure I'll let you guys know when I'm done playing. DEZ RAPES.





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